Thanks for the compliment Jenée ^^ I know I am not perfect and also have issues, but the spiritual path I’ve choose teaches that compassion is the essence of life… I have read a text of the Dalai Lama where he says that if compassion was not our nature we would not have grown in terms of population since 100.000 years ago when humans arrived in this form we are now… But I understand that “not wanting children” is a taboo for women or girls, and it is seen as a deviant behavior by the rulers of the rules of how the world should be… When I was like pre-teenager I started not wanting to go to the church, and my mother and father started to force me to it, but it did not work… It was more than a decade after they tried to force me to be christian when I found a book that talked about Jesus in a human way and I started to admire him (Jesus) while still not respecting the political institution called church nor wanting to see nor hear any priest… So I understand when you need to say what you don’t want, because the “normal ones” must bother you with their “normal questions” that are really really boring and dull… For the “resources” part of our conversation, my feeling is human kind might not be looking to nature as the true source of life and might be confused by the illusion and delusion of economical materialism and scientific materialism… Although I live in a country where the major of people are christian, I am very thankful for the books and videos that allowed me to know other ways… One of these ways is the way of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) that comes from tibetan buddhism and is teached by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, who lives in USA ^^ At last, i have to tell you, adult people are so messed up by scholarization and modern life that today I find my baby better than the adults, I prefer to hear him crying than an adult talking ^^ Greetings from Brasil ^^

…passagens e meios… veja mais em

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