When I was a teenager I used to say “I don’t want to have children”… Then I grew a little and kept not having any want to reproduce… Me and my wife never talked about having baby, but we adopted some cats… One day she got pregnant and, after saying I didn’t want to reproduce (when was a teenager) and after just having sex and not saying anything about babies (for the rest of the time), I just felt I also didn’t want to kill the baby… So, she also said she didn’t want babies when she was younger, and never talked about this with me, but she also wanted to let the baby live… Today the baby is one year old and I feel love towards him… I also feel love for the cats, and the dog, and the plants (I almost love plants more than animals)… Before the baby born I was not very worried about nature destruction by economy and greed, I used to think “Ok, I can live hardcore, let the chaos come”, but now I think “I will be better if the world have water and forrests than if don’t have it”… I think amazing people haven’t reproduced, it is ok as any choice that don’t harm others, but I don’t agree the problem with nature destruction is superpopulation, but economy’s view of the world, mainly propagated by United States of America.

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